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Pet Grooming

Dog baths, nail clipping, fur trimming, spa day

Pet Grooming


Nothing says luxury like ‘spa day’. Treat your best furry friend to a day at Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa with our luxurious Pet Grooming Services. Your dog or cat will love their premium spa treatment from our professionally trained staff.

Whether a simple sudsy bath or a full grooming complete with a slick new haircut, the Pet Ponderosa Spa is here to cater to your pet’s individual needs. Your pet is in good hands with our experienced team. Our pet grooming pros are trained to groom your pet with care, from nail to tail. 

We know how to handle the individual needs of each pet as we pamper them with a compassionate and gentle approach. By the end of their spa treatment, your dog or cat will look and feel wonderful!

Pet Grooming


Due to the popularity of our pet spa, our high quality grooming is in high demand! Be sure to book your pet’s grooming appointment in advance, so your pet doesn’t miss out on a grooming when it needs one! Before your pet’s first grooming, please feel free to talk us through the special grooming needs of your dog or cat so we can customize our spa treatments and provide a result you and your pet will love.

No matter the breed of your cat or dog, our professional groomers are prepared to provide superior quality grooming with a personal, friendly touch.  From basic baths to styling new haircuts, we do it all!

If your pup or kitty is planning to lodge with us for one or more nights, don’t forget to ask us about booking a grooming appointment during their stay. Our overnight guests get to choose at least one daily activity to participate in, including going for a swim in the pool. Planning a grooming for them before they go home will ensure your four-legged loved one is fresh and clean when their stay is over.

Pet Grooming

Daycare Transportation

Don’t have time to spare in your busy schedule to bring your pet to and from grooming appointments? Not to worry! Pet Ponderosa Resort & Spa is outfitted with primo pet transportation services.

The last thing you need is a dirty dog staining up the seats of your nice car or cat hair ‘glitter’ everywhere. We are available seven days a week to pick up your pet and bring them safely to their spa treatment. Then, once they are all spic and span, we will even bring them back home. Pet Ponderosa’s pet transportation service is the safe (and clean!) way to get your pet to and from our facilities.

Get in touch for more information on how to schedule a pet pick up and/or drop off.

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